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Ben Rocca is the Principal and Founder of Rocca Development and his expertise ranges from low to high density residential development, acquisitions, dispositions, due diligence, feasibility, entitlements through final mapping for small single family communities (>20 units) to large master planned communities (>1500 units).

Ben had a successful track record in all aspects of project development with more than 5,000+ units across Northern and Southern California. Specialization includes entitlements for Wrap (multifamily condos), Small Lot Developments, on-grade detached and attached, as well as traditional single family subdivisions. Ben received his B.A. in Environmental Design and Urban Planning from the University of California, Irvine. His career began in 1997 in land acquisition and forward planning for KB Home. The breadth of Ben’s expertise lies in due diligence, land use entitlements, and project management. Ben’s experience also includes work for Lennar, Capital Pacific Holdings, Richmond American Homes, and Williams Homes.


Ben understands how best to evaluate a preliminary site plan, conduct the necessary meetings with key government staff members, and prepare project timelines, cost & fee estimates, and entitlement strategies. He provides consistent leadership through the entire entitlement process, including negotiations with governmental officials, responding to questions from staff, as well as representation at community meetings and public hearings.


A proper due diligence investigation includes understanding local housing trends, analyzing demographics and sales activity of existing communities.

Using these metrics, Ben recommends housing product type, net pricing, market absorption, as well as preparation of preliminary project schedule and cost to complete estimates.


The zoning and permitting process, requirements, and restrictions for land use in Los Angeles are complicated, tedious, and highly prohibitive in certain cases. They may vary from one part of the city to the next, require you to account for many factors beyond just location (such as the presence of a school, building height requirements except where certain, sometimes arbitrary exceptions for certain developers, etc.), and demand a lot of red tape to be completed. On behalf of the Owner, RDG handles all presentations to Neighborhood Councils and ultimately seeks approval from the Deputy Advisory Agency, Planning Commission, and City Council.

We understand just how to formulate your application to maximize your chances for approval, as well as how to guide you in developing your property to help you get around or make the most of the limitations imposed by restrictive regulatory requirements. Rocca Development handles the filing of applications and processing approvals for the following, but not limited to:

  • Adjustments
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Easement abandonments
  • Fence Height Variance
  • Future Land Use amendments
  • Modifications
  • Plan Amendments
  • Plan Approvals
  • Site Plan Review
  • Specific Plan Exception
  • Subdivisions . Tract Maps/Parcel Maps
  • Time extensions
  • Variance, special exception and conditional use approvals
  • Zone Changes / Zoning Administratorfs Adjustme


Rocca Development is passionate and dedicated to what we do and with whom we work. We are determined advocates for your project, providing plausible deniability, limiting exactions, and negotiating on your behalf. We take the heat from agency staff, allowing your design team to focus on completing plans and to work more productively with governmental authorities.

We assemble the talent behind the process. Soliciting proposals from key professionals in each discipline required for your project, we screen and recommend the most appropriate consultants, adding our local and regional network of engineers, architects and designers to your own. Once assembled, we coordinate and manage the team’s efforts, while ensuring that budgets are aligned and deadlines are met. Communication is paramount to success, so we make sure the lines are open to manage all design modifications as dictated by the permitting and approvals process. We keep everyone accountable, in the loop through regular team meetings and by constantly monitoring and tracking pending approvals. We continually advise our clients throughout the duration of the engagement.

RDG works proactively to protect your investment. We perform contract management, reviewing and tracking all consultant invoices and pre-approving invoices for payment. We review all plans, materials prepared by the team and suggest ways to trim costs and maximize profits.

In addition to managing the team and quarterbacking the design and approvals process, we also take care of all ancillary requirements:

  • Water and sewer capacity reservations
  • Utility connections and abandonments
  • Offsite easement agreements with a public or private party
  • Development agreements
  • Property Owner Association documents
  • Unity of Title documents
  • Boundary and subdivision plat approvals