Guide to Plan Check 

The first step is to define the project. Is it new construction, an addition/major remodel, or a remodel where you want to remove or re-arrange interior walls? If you have hired a licensed architect or structural engineer to provide these services, they should know how to put together the required drawing set to submit to building and safety for plan check. If you do not have a licensed architect or structural engineer, Rocca Development has a list of highly recommended professionals that can fit your needs. If you, as a homeowner, have drafted the design plan yourself, we can help draft a complete set of plans showing the proposed work and submit to the building department.

A complete set of plans includes: site plan, floor plan, roof plan, exterior elevations of the building, section(s) of the building, framing plan, foundation plan, architectural details plan, and structural details plan. The complete set will need to be submitted for plan check to be reviewed and approved by a plan check engineer. There is a certain and specific way information needs to be presented on the plans which Rocca Development can professionally create and present.

When you submit your plans for plan check review, you will need to pay the plan check fee. Usually regular plan check review takes six to eight weeks with the City of Los Angeles. With an additional fee to the city, Rocca Development can expedite the review process and cut the time in half. The plans will come back with corrections needed to be made and a list of city department clearances (separate from building plan check) that will need to be approved. Usually projects we have worked on come back at least two times with corrections. Plan check review is usually a three to four month process even if you do an expedited review, but Rocca Development can shorten that time through swift review and resubmittal processes to building and safety. We also provide expediting services for city department clearances, as we have close professional relationships with many chief officers in the different city sectors.

One thing you need to know is that after your plans are approved, before you can pull the permit, then you will need to pay a separate permit fee. Once you are issued the permit then you can start construction.  During construction, Rocca Development will have a city inspector come out at specific intervals during construction to inspect the work. Once construction is complete and everything is approved, we will procure a Certificate of Occupancy which allows you to inhabit the building.